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Cars, caravans and other vehicles up to 2T

Secondary Glazing
Removed, cleaned by hand.

External Painted Walls
Walls can be washed down.

Window Cleaning
GopherOwen Services cleans any glass surface in any building. We use a reach and wash system for cleaning external windows which employs only deionised (pure) water which we process ourselves through a powerful filtration system. This means that after a clean there will be no water marks left on the glass.
We also clean traditionally upon request, or if the property needs specialist attention. We don't just wash the glass but also the frames and sills. We also clean internal windows and again the price includes the frames and sills.
Please also note that we also repair windows.

+ External Windows
All frames and sills are included in the price. Doors with glass in them will also be cleaned entirely and your doormat removed before the doorstep is swept; again all included in the price. Special care is taken with older properties and other methods used when necessary. If you have flower beds we will ensure that there is no damage to plants or to your property.
+Internal Windows
All frames and sills are again included in the price. We can employ either a dry wash, using micro-fibre cloths, or a traditional wet wash with a blade. We will wear overshoes when entering your property to prevent any damage to your carpets. Glass doors within the property and skylights can also be cleaned.
+ Conservatories, Outhouses, Offices and Greenhouses
GopherOwen Services will clean the windows of any building on your property. We will clean the inside of conservatories including the inside frame work. We also clean the roof, pinnacles and ends of conservatories, summer houses and greenhouses. We pride ourselves on being able to get to difficult jobs that others won't attempt so whatever the challenge please ask!